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Thor Transportation Services (PG0529891-H)

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THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES has been registered on 12th July 2022 with Company Registration Number of PG0529891-H. The company is led by Mr. Mohd Anwar Ali Bin Mohd Akebar who is commited to explore opportunities to further elevate this company. The company also takes an open atitude to work with any party whether government or private to increase the potential of this

THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES conducts the business of employees transportation. Traffic jams, last-mile limitations, lack of parking and there are plenty of reasons why employees can’t make it to work on time. Whatever the reason, late employees cost your business money. THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES helps your organization move staff from point A to point B safely and reliably to keep your operations running smoothly.

“We are determined to be one of trusted and viable pioneers in line with technological modernization. Our company puts a reasonable price for each service and product offered in order to give customers the opportunity to get products in our company on an ongoing basis. We are confident of being competitive and continue to move towards greater glory in this business world. ”

The challenges in this field are quite challenging but THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES will remain focused to remain competitive in the market. The objective of the company is to ensure the best service to customers and not in any way just prioritize profit alone. THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES is strongly supported by skilled personnel who have experience in doing related work. THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES is also commitied to not only be a company that just undergoes the “survival” of a typical organization but will eventually become a “trend setier” in its field. To head in that direction, THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES will always be in a productive and dynamic mode. The work culture in this company is not just content with the “comfort zone”. We at THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES will always challenge the potential of the company to continue to pioneer success atier success.

We strongly believe and places great emphasis on consistency of transportation planning, quality, speed and safety as well to ensure achieving of customer requirements and satisfaction. Moving forward, THOR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES reputation will be further enhanced by pride in the quality and excellence in every task to achieve as experienced professionalism company. We strive to provide our customer with an effective and consistence quality service, reliable and flexible towards fulfilling work schedule and able to complete any given task with satisfaction within the stipulated time.



  •  Provide high quality transportation services that satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.
  •  To observe and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.


We believe in sincerity, honesty and accuracy of promises

We strive to train and retain our staff at all levels

We always take care of the company’s reputation as best we can

We are commited to the needs and wants of our customers

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services by using the latest technology

We fulfill our corporate responsibilities with full dedication

We believe in the concept of teamwork and complementarity to grow a business

We work with full trust and strive to give the best for our customers


… always looking for ways to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction and form a strong work team…

Be a visionary and competitive company.

Has efficient and effective operating time management.

Innovative and integrity.

Apply a team spirit that prioritizes sincerity.

Provide the best quality and satisfaction to customers.