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With 10 years of experiences in managing transportation for hundreds of passengers daily, we take great pride in serving all our clients

Any Group Size, Any Distance.

Conducts the business of employees transportation. Traffic jams, last-mile limitations, lack of parking and there are plenty of reasons why employees can’t make it to work on time. Whatever the reason, late employees cost your business money.

Factory Workers

Small Group Transportation

Our corporate clients include local and multinational corporations, small medium enterprises, government agencies and other organisations.

Our factory van service is ideal for SMALLER groups of workers.


Punctual and timely daily routes and transport services for factory employees.

Well maintained vehicles

Well maintained vehicles for optimum hygiene, safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.

Handle by Profesional Driver

Speed monitoring and over-speeding prevention. Strict screening of drivers and comprehensive training.

Feedback & Improvement

Supervision, retraining, and constant communication between management, customers, and drivers. Route reviews, Client Satisfaction Reviews and Process improvements

Start a Reservation

Helps your organization move staff from point A to point B safely and reliably to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Thor Transportation Services?

Please contact us. Call , Whatsapp or send us an email and we will give best price for our services.

Can transport logistics actually help reduce costs?

Yes. Because transportation is not a fixed cost, coordinating a transport logistics platform where planners and managers have increased visibility and transparency into the constantly shifting variables is key to reducing overall transportation costs and optimizing the output of resources to ensure the best return in both efficiency and revenue.

How do transport logistics allow for adaptations in operational shifts?

A transport logistics strategy and solution gives planners and managers the power to adapt to these operational shifts by identifying the best routes, transport modes, and delivery windows to avoid incurring losses in resources and time in addressing these changing variables.

Do transport logistics actually result in better customer relations?

Because a transport logistics solution provides planners and managers the power to ensure the right products arrive in the right condition at the right moment, customers will not only be more apt to work with a given manufacturing company in the future, but said manufacturing company will also create more stable and productive business relationships with partners.

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